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Nights are cozy. The lack of light presents a lack of judgement – an intimacy against your biases; darkness makes us comfortable.

The remains of a deceased self, vulgar images of creation and long dead moments of eccentric ecstasies follow this eternal refuge from the sun to a new day. Joys beyond the sphere of socially valid mass hysteria.

Looking down to where you stand is sometimes a necessity, a concept far crucial than just a philosophy. The experience of falling to ground earths you. The abundant profusion of once words written in ink to divine personifications is usually the element of surprise rather than the clarification itself.

We as humans are designed to work under a God. The question lies in who you consider yours. Even after the repulsive coherence to the discomforts of a borrowed notion, when it all comes down on us, we choose to adhere to the same old discomforting but familiar space.

No matter how hard we press against it, we dislike change.

A ball held above ground holds more potential to break under its own will, than the one firm on the dirt. The experience of earthing your soul is foundational to a better, bold and beautiful new you. But you need to trade.

You have to play the game in order to win it. Or you could chose to disagree with the entire concept of competition and not subject individuals to fictional scales. Disdain is important.

As the ground wire controls the dissonace of electricity and harnesses its fatal properties against itself, this ugly disdain resolves into an image of the elevated self – an idea of a surreal, supernatural you.

We function in polarities – the further the better. In order to substantiate a deeper learning, the curve needs to go through a trough. What is critical is to protect yourself against miss-alignment ignited by your intrinsic bias and not fall into the conventional raging summary of the fight against yourself. It is easy to lose control, and easier to just make a choice.

We usually end up with all the wrong choices; but when the lesson culminates, it all becomes worthwhile.

Mothers know best, and they really do. You may have the largest of generation gaps, but once you open up, it all boils down to the innate, organic us – humans. Go talk to your loved ones, rather provide them with an opportunity to truly connect without any guided inflation of emotions or a well thought dictation.

Talking with people you love, opening up, expressing yourself, solves all the mysteries of life. It is never about finding a solution but enabling yourself to stumble upon one.

Easier said than done, but doable!
It demands pain, practice, perseverance and passion.

And the grass is certainly greener on the other side.

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