Born in a small village in Kashmir, India and raised in a Sikh family, Saby Singh derives his roots from traditional and classical art. Trained in Hindustani Shastirya Sangeet and Western Classical, he keeps his songwriting simple and story-telling his focus. His songs have been described as minimal, emotionally moving and traditionally unconventional.

Saby writes about existentialism, quarter-life and identity crisis. His unorthodox use of acoustic guitar and a free-flowing playing gives him his distinct sonic atmosphere. He uses a lot of poetic devices to submerge the listener into his performances. The lyrics are very open-ended, therefore, varied interpretations arise. 

He released his debut album ‘Yahaan’ in 2020.

Yahaan has been listed as one of the top three best albums to come from the country in 2020 by Rolling Stone India.

Saby followed his debut album with a concept electronic album ‘Ouroboros’ which broke his identity and drove his sonic atmosphere to more elaborate elements.

Saby is set to release his third album in 2021.

Saby Singh is a singer-songwriter producer based in India.

A film by Numero Uno themed #UnboxingArtists profiling Saby.

A film by Nexterday profiling Saby’s visit to Kerala.

Night of the Nominee 2021 – Saby Interview, Award Acceptance and Performance – Toto Music Awards

Nexterday after movie.

Radio City Freedom Concert after movie.

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pehchaan - music video

album art - yahaan

yahaan - album


kaash - single


asma - single


algal bloom - single

Yaad Hai Album Art

yaad hai - single


tere bina (quarantine sessions) - single

In The Press

Employing silence as a potent tool, the nine-track record sees him emerge as an evocative voice who can inject joy, pain and longing with a clarity that few artists in the country possess..
Anurag Tagat
Saby Singh, has completely reinvented his music through his new album, Ouroboros, which is to release on 1 November.
A melancholic deep dive into human emotions, Saby Singh courts the pure spirit of an artist in his album ‘Yahaan’.
Shaswata Kundu Chaudhuri

Here is Saby Singh in conversation with GOGO Magazine

 Anirudh Chandel
Not just Kuhad, India’s indie music scene is rocking
Ketaki Desai
Saby is one artist who sings in the language and accent he thinks in. There is something really heartfelt in the way he approaches his songs.
Ankur Tewari
Jammu-based singer-songwriter Saby Singh is one such musician who is making a mark in the field with his thoughtful lyrics and balmy vocals. His lyrics delve into subjects like mental health and identity issues, and are directed towards his perception of instances affecting the society.
Muneef Khan
"This musician hailing from Kashmir has literally his own style of music. A combination of blues with indie-pop, his gripping sound will make you want to sing your lungs out."
Sumedha Tripathi
“The campaign celebrates ‘I am who I am, unapologetically’ with Sanjeeta Bhattarcharya, Saby Singh, Dhruv Vishwanath and Samar Mehdi"
exchage4media staff

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