About Yahaan

‘Yahaan’ is an album of peace. It is my reincarnation. It is my fragile attempt to rebel. It is against everything what music has become.

Life gets to the best of us. It is filled with tragedy, misery, sadness, loneliness and everything in between. And it is fair too. It brings joys, pleases us with all kind of feelings.

Life is truly a miracle.

Some of us sometimes have the worst of it. Our mental health starts to degrade. All sorts of issues start appearing. We long for a helping hand.


‘Yahaan’ is my word of help. It is me telling you that it is okay to feel sad, to be broken, to get desperate, to fail, to fall. It is okay.
‘Yahaan’ is me telling you that you are not alone. A lot of us have been there, are there. I am not a guru, but I understand how it feels to be on the receiving end of life.
‘Yahaan’ is me lending an ear - that I am listening, that you can talk to me, that you should speak your heart out, ask for what is yours, be proud of who you are and have the courage to stand up for yourself.
‘Yahaan’ is a reflection.
‘Yahaan’ is my recovery, and I present it to you.

In his well-woven style that marries gentle, pastoral guitar melodies with openhearted lyrics about mental health issues and identity, there are a few parallels to Bhopal acoustic artist Samar Mehdi (who even features on the splendid collab “Pehchaan”

Anurag Tagat

a word

With current system of complete devaluation of music by streaming services and touring being the only steady income for artists, tours/events are currently being cancelled worldwide because of corona virus.

In these times it’s critical to support artists you love by directly buying their music.

it is exhausting being an indie artist in this economy and your gestures make it a little comfortable

what people are saying about the album

On a day when it seems that there's something inside that is very very hollow A feeling in myself that found no home was yet again trying to find its way And then I came across an album and it was called "Yahaan" :') Sitting beside the road having a cup of tea I listened to the magical album for the very first and felt a connect straight to the soul Where do we go with our dark sides where do we go when we are vulnerable where do we go if we just can't share some feelings with anyone the answer for me everyday, everytime has come in form music and this time it was this album. An album that caressed my soul an album that made me more vulnerable every time I listened to it and an album that helped me sleep and made me realize that some flaws are beautiful in their own way and sometimes it's just ok to be..:') From Tere Bina to Yahaan to every other track in the album there is a deep deep sense of connection and oh how to forget the mix on the album 🙂 anubhav_sus4's profile picture The very little details are put together so so well that I think as a listener has made a huge difference to the tracks altogether personally.. Apart from all those on the album the first time I heard Pehchaan and the humming in the beginning of the track I was in tears thank you for just being out there Saby..:') Thank you Sending love and light and receiving back in the form of your music
Sarah Mehdi
Yahaan was a cozy warm cuddle on a cold cold night. It was a voice that kept telling me I'm not alone.
Sarah Mehdi
Taught me how depression in our lives can be cherished and portrayed so beautifully.
Anshul Sathe
Tere Bina, window seat in bus, wind ruffling hair, sunsets - everyday routine now!
Ahel Bhattacharyaa
It was my existential crisis and heartbreak, all at once, so bittersweet. But just so loving.
Yahaan is beyond everything for me. It's like my soul place and when I press play,it's as if a journey on the roads of my soul land starts there from within and I am blown.
Rishant Gogoi
Yahaan, is everything; everything I was looking for, and everything that I'll always need!
Go put yourself through subtle emotional power bombs and eventual release. This is a rare gem, don't miss out.
Samar Mehdi
There isn't a single song in this album that didn't take me ti a different place emotionally, Saby talks about so many important things and we MUST POTECT him at all costs.
Ashwin Adwani
If there is one thing you want to invest in, for your soul, go buy Saby's new album!

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