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Baarish, new single by Saby Singh feat. Syed Aaqib (from MoonDogs) on guitars.


It is important to take a critical look when things aren’t going as planned. But to be proud of who you are, being accepting of your faults and flaws, and being aware of the promise that tomorrow holds is the essence of growing up.

To be able to find joy in sorrow, and meaning when all seems pointless and empty, is the biggest feature a human could ever achieve.

I write songs to remind myself of what I am and who I should be, and Baarish is yet another attempt.

Baarish is neither an artistic statement nor is it a false inspiration – it is as real as I could be, as flawed as I am, and as gentle as I will ever be.

Baarish sings about rain, it is a longing for the beloved, a need to hold them in your arms, the urge to see them.

Baarish celebrates the tender ache of the wait, the anticipation of a new day, the clearing of the sky, the joy in sorrow, the essence of acceptance and the audacity in being a human.

I present to you –

Watch the Official Music Video –

Baarish (feat. Aaqib) – Saby Singh || Official Music Video


tham bhi jaao
sambhal to aao
thehar bhi jaao

sadak pe chalte
phisal na jaayein
zara ye samjho
samjho na

kabse hoo.n muntazir
ye sochu

kab hate gi ghata
pyaare saawan tu ja …


Saby Singh and Syed Aaqib at Piano Man Jazz Club, Delhi

Aaqib bhai heard this song once on an Instagram live. He took the idea and made it his own. I never knew my compositions could ever sound so sweet and pleasant. I guess it is all in the fingers of the guitar player; Aaqib bhai’s rendition of Baarish felt like spring, like a bloom, as if I was put in a jungle, inside its heart, breathing her air, letting her breeze heal my skin.

It is an absolute honour and privilege to collaborate with one of my idols, on such a personal song.

He loves to rearrange and play some absolutely classic jazz tunes, which he shares on his social media.


@bogsandcreeks / picture by Saby Singh

The artist who made the artwork, @bogsandcreeks is the friend you meet and you decide you are family.

To have her consider my song for an artwork meant the beginning of what I see as a long term collaboration.

She draws and illustrates a sense of realism in her paintings, that awakens a need to exist in one of her imaginations.

Music Video

@bogsandcreeks desk is the prettiest corner in my universe. Her collection of twigs and flowers and seeds and leaves and feathers ensues inspiration. It speaks volumes about what being a human truly means.

Everything @bogsandcreeks is cinematic and unreal; so for the music video we decided to showcase her workspace and her being.

To have her workspace shot was an absolute pleasure.

Special thanks – team RemBa

Watch the music video here –

Baarish (feat. Aaqib) – Saby Singh || Official Music Video



Written By - Saby Singh
Guitars - Syed Aaqib
Production - Saby Singh
Artwork - @bogsandcreeks
Music Video - TSS x Remarkably Bad
Design - TSS x Remarkably Bad

Leave a comment, and let us know what you felt about the song.

Love and hugs,
Saby Singh


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