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how is this not a blatant approximation of the human authority. i, by no means, mean to hyper allocate the nuisance of the planet to a single species but i wouldn’t be wrong if i did. what is a celebration but a vulgar portrayal of human profanity. what is this orientation towards recreation and enjoyment nothing but a glorious elaboration of human prejudices.

all i see is desecration, of the land, the water and the air. we, by our combined consciousness have eradicated all efforts of the nature to balance and sustain the divine that she holds. we have molested her sacred ferns and turned them into shameless garlands. we have done the atrocious and our celebrations are the affirmation of our holy chaos.

loud, lewd lust of some power is what runs through our veins, and we are hard wiring the same attributes to our children. how is the Earth not crying her heart out, how is she not weeping to the dislocation of her treasures. she is, and we are dumbfounded by our loud crackers and machines to ever hear her roar. she whispers in silence, the trees and the rivers sing of her virtues, the birds and the animals celebrate life feeding over her bountiful bust, but we, we take and we feel pride in what we steal.

festivals, no matter how tranquil and wholesome, are remarkable feats of human autocracy. i deter from celebrations, i deter from faith.

life is a celebration in itself. waking up to the morning dew and the slow, subtle sounds of the nature is a grand opening of a pretty bright wonderful world outside. the sun and his warmth soaks in through your bones and into your soul, catalysing the essence of life in us. the evening full of mystery and truth is an extension into the unending cycle of life. the nights, oh! the night.

but we foul it with our human acts of survival. i am more surprised by the glamour and prestige we serve it with.

i wish for a day when we all realise the true wealth in nothingness, and the true joy of belonging. but the day is long gone and what lays ahead is another celebration.

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