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fundraiser for a music production project


Hey there, my name is Saby and I am a musician – a singer-songwriter, if I dare. I write about the human condition.

My debut album ‘yahaan‘ is an ode to the crisis of identity and existentialism. With songs like Maana Ke (Gumaan) which is a raging war with suicidal tendencies, Tere Bina – a eulogy of self, Pehchaan – a song about cigarettes and anxiety, I tried to deliver a concept, rather than a mix of best selections. The amount of love it has received so far has only grounded me.

Post-Yahaan, I have taken a liberty to experiment. Saazishein presents a progressive electronic interpretation, Ouroboros was me taking a break from guitar, and the recent tss-exp was a stripped-down, bare-acoustics experience.

It is a professional sacrifice to go this far with such absurd, bold and hyper-experimental musical endeavours., but I think this is how I function. This is who I feel as an artist. It keeps me excited, always in a struggle, and this discomfort is what I believe gets the best out of me.

The Future Project

For the next project, there are some songs that I would like to release (as an artist) this year. They are the culmination of hundreds of music production attempts and songwriting trials that have pushed me into truly unfamiliar territories. My excitement is sublime. To share what has come out of it is a dream.

I have used all of my energy and resources into making them sound good. Unfortunately, there are costs that are beyond my scope.

Music is for everyone. It belongs to all of us; regardless of who writes, records, or produces, a song is for all.

If you’d like to be a part of this project, consider funding it.

Here is the link – Fundraiser

Expect a lot of secret material in your mailbox.

Thank you for reading this.
Thank you for giving art a chance.

Love and peace,

Here is a song for you –