go on, be a human

how am i sure that my next preference of clothing isn’t inspired or motivated by an unwanted, unknown influence. the more you think, the clearer it gets. think.

if i am not sure about this trivial, then how can i be absolutely correct about the choices i make for myself, like my career, my choice of alcohol. it is all laid out for us now. all the evidence is there. it is leaking from every other human act in the name of progress right now. and once you see it, you see it everywhere.

we, as humans, have value more as consumers than people. and we have been put in this spot by ourselves. this fathomable quest for a twenty first century approval, success has deluded us into imaginary visualisations. this process is overwhelming with desire and a common accepted rage for more. it is a celebration in fact, congratulatory. what a pity.

to cut yourself loose of all such influences is a greater purpose to serve. our true intentions and meanings could only be manifested in isolation, and isolation in this century and time is a sin and that too a condemnable one.

to ask for absolute control is lunatic right now, but a balance of my will and desires is crucial for surviving this global mess of a civilisation and come through happy and content.

social media is the drug that has cast us into an infinite hypnosis – advertisement, branding and marketing its weapons at disposal.

to experience a wholesome and fruitful life and being able to experience what our vicinity has to offer is the utmost human blessing. and in order to fulfil the same, proper mindset for thoughtful decisions is critical. social media and its demeanours cloud this transparency of judgement. and a decision on the micro level can trigger a butterfly effect of chaos.

think. question. repeat.

i realise by the end of every turmoil, that i don’t need the things that everybody tells me that i do. i can do fine without having the most profound of resources. i am alright without a fancy dinner, i am good with dal-roti. i would love to cook though, but it wouldn’t be driven by a need for acceptance or approval. i would do it because i would love to do it.

influences however are very important, crucial for development as a human. but social media enforces this bias. it wants you to give in to the new trend and make content that it fodders upon, killing your relevancy, originality and essence one post at a time.

go read the book you have kept on your shelf for a little too long, make peace with your baggages, throw away the old self of inherited opinions and biases and find your true principles. go on be a human, while you still can.

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