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Indie 101 – Coda

Write, finish, record and produce a singer songwriter track!

I am thrilled to announce the new workshop that has been in the oven for a while now.

Indie 101 – Coda

A workshop of absolute techniques to help you define a process and method, by actually making you write an original song! We shall generate a few ideas, turn one into a song, finish it and get a demo recorded, all in one workshop.

At the same time, you will develop a functioning knowledge of the songwriting process too, so that it is easy for you to define yours.

For the first few registrations, I am offering an early bird price of 8,500/-. The first season of a new workshop is usually the most fun and organic.

What will you accomplish?

  1. A strong fundamental understanding of songwriting.
  2. An original song that I will help you write, finish, record and produce.

Who is this workshop for?

  1. If you are a cover artist wanting to get into writing original songs.
  2. If you have ideas and stories to share, and music is your muse.
  3. If you have been playing music for a while, and want to write original songs.
  4. Beginner to intermediate musicians, especially singer songwriters.
  5. If you are looking for a way to document your library and manage your b.

You should –

  1. Have a fundamental understanding of music.
  2. Be able to play an instrument.
  3. Be able to dedicate an hour or two per day for the best results.


  1. The Song! – Technicalities.
  2. Songwriting on Guitar, Piano.
  3. How to generate Ideas.
  4. How to write Lyrics.


We generate a melody/chord progression and start building a song over it.

Building your First Song

  1. Composing the melody.
  2. Working out the harmony and rhythm.
  3. Writing lyrics.
  4. Arrangement and final touches.
  5. Perfecting the performance of the song.


Make a demo recording of the final performance in your phone.


  1. Home Studio
  2. DAW
  3. Gear

Home Recording Techniques

  1. Recording Acoustic Guitar
  2. Recording Voice
  3. Recording Guitar and Voice at the same time

Audio Production Basics

  1. Arrangement
  2. Editing
  3. EQ, Compression, Reverb, Delay
  4. Mix/Master

Record and submit a home recorded demo of the new song, that you write during the workshop.

3 complimentary sessions to assist you during the process.

I will help you arrange, edit, record, mix and produce your first singer songwriter demo.

Also, get complete access to Indie 101 resources.

Post submission of the song demo –

  1. General discussion on the project
  2. An opinion on Releasing Art
  3. Documenting the Process
  4. Managing a Song Library

By the end of the workshop, you should –

– have a finished original song, with a recorded demo;

– should be comfortable generating ideas on your own;

– have a functioning knowledge of the songwriting process;

– have a proper songwriting management system in place.

17 one on one sessions on

workshop begins september 01

duration of the workshop is 1 month

early bird price: 12,000/-

To register, click below

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