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Indie 101 – Mini

Indie 101 is an extensive and elaborate workshop, ranging over multiple sessions that include art philosophy, songwriting fundamentals and some advanced perspectives; and extends over months for some people.

But a lot of you are not in a position to dedicate that much time and effort, and I have been thinking about it…

cassette tape, plastic, tape-164396.jpg

Over the past few weeks, I have thought upon ideas to consolidate the massive indie 101 library into something that is brief, to the point and more accessible. But at the same time, I should succeed in sharing the ideas and concepts. Therefore, I am presenting a short, concise version of the indie 101 workshop

Indie 101 – mini

Brief Details

  • 5+1 sessions
  • one on one
  • two week long
  • 4,000/-


independence, pace, space, story and story-telling

  1. How to unlock creativity?
  2. How to create a functional artistic perspective?
  3. How to create space for original songwriting?
  4. What is a story?
  5. How to write a compelling story?
  6. How to tell a story?


instrument and practice

  1. How to build a relationship with your instrument?
  2. Understanding practice.
  3. Designing a functional practice routine.
  4. Deliberate practice.
  5. How to practice?


generating ideas, creating a song

  1. How to generate ideas?
  2. How to write melodies?
  3. Writing on a beat/rhythm.
  4. Singer-songwriter basics.


lyrics writing

  1. Writing poetry vs. lyrics.
  2. How to develop your writing?
  3. Writing in Urdu, Hindi and English.
  4. Reading and influence.


composing a song and recording a demo

  1. Writing a verse.
  2. Writing a chorus.
  3. Finishing the song.


future notes

  1. Branding 101
  2. Releasing art
  3. Maintaining consistency.

I can try to adjust as many people as I can, but it is only a few that i could possibly accommodate.

To register, or if you may have any questions, feel free to DM me on Instagram.

I will be available from 12 noon till 5 pm tomorrow.

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