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Indie 101 – Songwriting Workshop

A CBT driven workshop for artists.
Learn how to write songs that are original

Applications for Spring 2022 are open now.

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What is Indie 101?

The internet is filled with tips, techniques and tricks about songwriting. A quick google search of ‘how to write a song’ reveals over 2,33,00,00,000 results. Most of them do help us in songwriting, but applying formulas and algorithms to write a song presents two problems –

1. The sacrilege by Imitation

Imitation makes you sound too similar to your influences. It could set you up for a possible imposter syndrome.

2. Death by Monotony

The monotony of a program makes your songs sound similar and you keep composing the same stuff over and over again.

To unlock your true potential and to stand out, you need to understand how the mind perceives and then makes art.

Indie 101 is a workshop that introduces this approach towards songwriting.

How does it work?

This workshop focuses on three core concepts –

1. Art

There is no one definition of art.

The idea is to establish freedom for expression, and separate techniques and perception.

2. Artist

There are as many types of artists as there are stars. No two artists are ever the same.

The idea is to establish a sense of individuality; to allow mistakes and experiments to invoke originality.

3. Storytelling

The purpose of art is to tell a story and it is not about the story as much as it is about the way you do so.

The idea is to learn how to find your story and then how to express it.

The goal is…

to understand your perception and behaviour;
to design a functional process that reflects you and your art;
to alter habits for better results;
to find the joy in being an artist.

By the end of the program, you should have achieved an insight into yourself as who you are as an artist and where your originality is.

You will be crafting stories and songs that are coherent, original and meaningful.

Concepts Covered

  1. The essence of Independent Arts
  2. Story and the Storyteller
  3. Your Instrument
  4. The art of Practice 
  5. Process vs Routine
  6. The Power of Influence
  7. Becoming a Lifelong Learner
  8. Building a Song
  9. Building a Performance
  10. Personal Branding
  11. Releasing Art
  12. Finding Success as a Songwriter

What makes Indie 101 unique?

  1. The sessions are designed according to your unique requirements, considering your experience and goals..
  2. One on one sessions on Zoom. No groups ever.
  3. Schedule friendly sessions.
  4. 9 sessions of 60 minutes duration.
  5. Exclusive access to Indie 101 resources.
  6. Indie 101 targets behaviour and the mindset.
  7. Influence is driven from CBT techniques.
  8. Indie 101 is updated with new material every season.

It starts with ‘You’!

Indie scene is a mush of similar sounding artists talking about the same concepts. It is too much formula bound. We do have great musicians who are genuine and original, but unfortunately in a country of 1.38 billion people, we only have a handful of such artisans.

This workshop has helped artists understand themselves better and several of them have kick started their journeys.

Read what people had to say…


“Honestly I signed up for the course only to get personal access to ‘The Saby Singh’. I just admire his work so much! It has influenced me in the way I write, the way I create music, even the way I listen to music.
His passionate way of explaining the smallest of things is such, it is impossible not to fall in love with the concept itself. I remember in one of the lessons, we were talking about ‘the process of creating music’ (It’s not what you think it is xD), and after that lesson, I can say that I poured so much of music out from the pitcher of my creation which I was convinced was dried up because of a writer’s block! The next lesson, I read some of it out for him, and I could see his eyes light up. The stuff he said was pretty much basic. But then again, what is life if not basic? The stuff everyone tells you to do, stuff you know you should do, stuff which is genuinely good for you. It takes the right amount of force and a push in the right direction for all that basic stuff to turn into something wonderful. Saby bhaji did that for me and I will be eternally grateful to him for that💛”

Taran Singh Sethi

“Indie 101 with Saby Singh isn’t just a workshop that you can just attend and come out of making the best of the music that you ever could.

It is more of a process that you take with Saby and get closer to what you love doing. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced musician, he makes sure to pull you back to the roots of why you started music in the first place. To be honest, it is a small personal insight into him, and he will tell you what he did right or wrong and what journey he has taken to be an independent musician, from setting up a routine to making a brand by the end of the workshop.

You might ask, do I need to attend this workshop as these are all no-brainers? I will say yes, as what you get in this workshop is more of an experience of a person, an insight into their journey and honest one-on-one conversations that will help you on your journey, plus not to forget Saby’s friendship, which you will gain with this.”

Mandav Prakash

“After I’d signed up for the workshop, I received and introductory phone call from Saby. I remember the excitement and the nervousness of that first call. I tried to stay calm. After the phone call, the excitement grew, exponentially. It was time for the sessions to begin.
We spoke (It was Saby who spoke mostly, and I listened; not because that was how the workshop was designed, but because I wanted to learn, and listening is my favourite tool for learning) about being independent, having our space which will make our workflow efficient, the instrument of choice, honesty, sincerity, dedication.

I remember Saby being immensely passionate about the sessions. The passion definitely awoke some long lost emotions in me. I saw myself being more streamlined. With every session, my process and design had started to evolve.
Towards the end of our sessions, all I could wish for is more. Saby’s words have stayed with me. I hope they do stay with me in the future too.
The final session, was unexpected. We spoke about music, life philosophy, soul, God, spirituality. We ended up extending the 1 hour session to 3 hours. The conversation was great. One of the better conversations I’ve had in my life.

Thank you Saby for all that you’ve given, even though I had nothing of substance to offer to you in return. I’ve learnt a lot from you. I have found a friend in you and I hope that we stay in touch for a long while (it’s usually me who stops staying in touch). It’s been a pleasure knowing an honest artist like Saby.”

Aakshit Marwaha

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The sessions are open for Spring 2020.

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It will be my 15th year writing and composing music in 2022.

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