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save the world, it is falling

The world as we know is falling, and we have brought this down upon ourselves, unknowingly and unwillingly. We have fallen victim to dirty cheap tricks – of marketing, advertisements, branding and what not. We are losing the essence of humanity one day at a time, one purchase at a time, one like at a time. We are falling and we are too slow to realise it.

The laws of nature govern us as much as they do the little fragile tendril in a remote desert island – crawling and tumbling through branches for its entitled warmth of the sun. We are no different. The notion of ‘now’ and the utter disassembly to its primitive and literal meanings has devoured us into toxicity.

It happens slowly, gradually, one second at a time but such a tiny change that the eye and the human cognition in its entirety fails to signify the subliminal change; but over the course of a few years, it gets blown out of proportion. Perplexing!

Art as we know has been rendered into an idea, a false perception of visual aesthetics, aural sensations and literal tricks. It is, however, supposed to serve the exact same purpose, but getting caught in the drift of novelty, acknowledged by a mass acceptance, turns the pretence to its limits. We infatuate with the character, making the story redundant. We end up being exactly what we despised – a pseudo, narrow, hollow, shell of a human.

The control exists though, but it takes a master to see things for how they are. We do not look at things for what they are, we see what is being displayed to us, what is portrayed in the most aesthetic and nuanced showcase. A master looks through, without any guided emotional obedience, he/she seeps to the core of what is projected and defines a meaning – its true purpose. It serves him clarity. It doesn’t invoke a sense of judgement or a bias for a rose is a rose is a rose.

If it succeeds with a sense of denial or a bias, you are still deluded and delusional. You are not looking at it for what it is.

Just because there is a social platform to share pictures, buying expensive gear and clicking an aesthetic picture doesn’t make you a photographer. That is not how you become a photographer, and claiming to be one – such profanity.

The availability of a video sharing service doesn’t justify your acts to garner attention driven by the mass hysteria called a trend, for the sake of building a personal brand.

You don’t become a musician just by buying a guitar, learning a few chords and singing songs when all this time it is a romanticisation of an idea. Playing guitar is cool, right?

A human in his/her entirety is perfect, doesn’t need approval, agencies or aggravated senses to claim his/her identity. You are complete, and what you do doesn’t matter. How you do, the process, the observation, the lesson, the shift in perspective is what makes you who you are, this is what defines you.

“Through error you come to the truth! I am a man because I err! You never reach any truth without making fourteen mistakes and very likely a hundred and fourteen.”

― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Crime and Punishment

A painting loses its value as soon as it is finished, a song has served its purpose the moment it is written, a photograph doesn’t hold any value other than a time stamp in the author’s eyes. It is the process that led him/her to the final finish.

It is very easy to get manipulated by what is normal, and sometimes what is normal is actually a mass carefully and vicariously forced into a communal hysteria.

We can’t let this govern our thoughts and colonise our minds. One day or the other, we have to let loose, let go of all our inherited biases and preferences. But everything around you works in the opposite direction. They want you to make a stupid Instagram reel, they get what they want and you get your false prescription for your ever shallowing sense of being.

Sexuality is not defined by your curves. Being a man doesn’t mean edges and shades of blue. Some men like the colour pink.

Modern age also presents a brief moment of freedom, it does grant you obligatory privileges to get out. It is for you to figure out. Genders are fluid, art is ever so dynamic, people so open to change. We can change for good.

Rather than listening and agreeing to the platter of a well-crafted, exclusive, limited edition playlist on Spotify, ask yourself, do I really like this song?

Looking at some people’s stupid videos that present a vulger and crude form of entertainment, ask yourself, what is this? What meaning does it serve? Am I being affected? Do I want to be here?

You can change and change starts with you.

Art is diminishing, photography is left to people who can afford expensive and avant-garde equipment. Real musicians are dying metaphorical deaths every passing day, while entertainment is soaring. Songs with a false sense of hope are breaking charts, music videos with no soul are breaking the internet. At the same time, a genius of a writer got underscored and discarded just because she couldn’t fit into the program. A painter is losing her soul because Instagram algorithm opposes her demeanours.

Who are we becoming? Do you want to be a participant of this psychosis?

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3 thoughts on “save the world, it is falling”

  1. This was such a beautiful blog and the way you just expressed the harsh reality of social media and the real artists of today is so heartbreaking,in this world of pseudo popularity that we are living in finding real artists and the ones who really feel and acknowledge their art is very rare,but i am glad i found an artist like you.
    You are amazing with your writing,your music and everything,its not famous but the ones who know you ,just truly love your work and that is what matters,the real ones in this world i guess.
    By the way blog was beautiful and a big eye-opener of this world of social media.

    1. Thank you Shruti, you are too kind.
      It is difficult sometimes, it gets difficult for me too. But reminders are very important, it could be a person, an artist, a book, anything.
      Sending love and power your way.

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