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Baarish // 2022

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Baarish sings about rain, it is a longing for the beloved, a need to hold them in your arms, the urge to see them.

Baarish celebrates the tender ache of the wait, the anticipation of a new day, the clearing of the sky, the joy in sorrow, the essence of acceptance and the audacity in being a human.

Saby Singh // 18.03.2022

Saazishein // 2021

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It is the expression when your deepest darkest fears come true. It is the anticipation of the storm which will come to sabotage your identity and the foundations you stand on. I wrote this song in one of my darkest hours. I knew what was coming, and the preparation for the impending torrential downpour itself was exhausting. It took me a sufficient part of my 20s to get an understanding of what it was and how it defined me. This song should serve as a reminder – to be prepared, to live in the moment, to cease every pretty second of our lives. This musical expression should bring you closer to yourself; should remind you of how brutal broken expectations can be. All of my love and good vibes.

Saby Singh // 20.06.2021