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take the first step

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covid left an impression – a majestic sense of urgency to re-think the plots of our lives. it took so much to rattle down the beast of sudden imprisonment, that seemed to never cease. it brought us closer to ourselves, more than we have ever been in this modern moderate society. covid blessed a lot of us with the privilege of solitude. and along with it came the unnerving quest of unanswerable and taboo questions.

i believe existence holds no meaning, and all this while i have been attached to this idea like a devotee. i was always surrounded by distractions to take the beast head on. it was a dislike for other popular notions and my blatant belief only an evidence of a blind arrogant choice.

all of us are victims of this classic human flaw. we rage wars and shatter tribes and evoke destitute all in the name of a belief. the grades being different for the modern times, of course.

after ages of being alone and surrounded by the same set of people, you grow weary of it. you become stagnant. it is incredible realising how much you can learn from people. not too long when this longing to see a different face, feel a different soul becomes irresistible, too difficult to not acknowledge.

acknowledgment, however, comes with a price. it asks for you to discard the ego of your identity. it demands that you dare be open, let other different opinion seep in and pick a fight with your demeanours. it is interesting, thought provoking and nothing short of a herculean task. and I am, like a lot of us, at the brink of acknowledgement.

i do acknowledge though. for life to happen you have got to take the first step. you need to push yourself out through the door and take the first few steps with a willingness, the universe takes care of the rest. it only gives you what you truly need – no less, no little. this is a hack, in modern lingo. a life hack for all hacks.

take the first step.

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