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The Art of Music

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The Art of Music
An introduction to music as an art

Applications are open for
Monsoon ’22

Music is the one of the most fundamental sources of self-expression and it has been a prestige of the human race up until modern day.

The Art of Music is a workshop designed to introduce you the incredibly sophisticated but utterly simple world of expression through music.

Music education is crafting itself into a monotonous set of dialogues and curriculum and it is rare to find resources that talk about music as an art, rather than a skill.

My approach with teaching music is to make you understand how music functions on a fundamental level, how it makes you feel, and to make the skills work for expression and conversation rather than being just a technical know how.

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The workshop is designed in the following concepts –

Expression I

  • freedom of expression
  • influences and how they work

Music 101

  • melody
  • rhythm
  • harmony
  • how to study music


  • strings
  • wind
  • membrane
  • plate type
  • synthesizers
  • choosing an instrument


  • the habit loop
  • deliberate practice


  • case studies
  • student exercises


  • music tech
  • production

Expression II

  • self expression
  • music as therapy
  • finding joy through music

What makes Indie 101 unique?

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1. The sessions are designed according to your unique requirements, considering your experience and goals.

2. One on one sessions on Zoom. No groups ever.

3. Schedule friendly sessions.

4. 12 sessions of 60 minutes duration.

5. Exclusive access to Indie 101 resources.

6. Indie 101 targets behaviour and the mindset.

7. Influence is driven from CBT techniques.

8. Indie 101 is updated with new material every season.

It starts with ‘You’!

Indie scene is a mush of similar sounding artists talking about the same concepts. It is too much formula bound. We do have great musicians who are genuine and original, but unfortunately in a country of 1.38 billion people, we only have a handful of such artisans.

This workshop has helped artists understand themselves better and several of them have kick started their journeys.