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the necessity of obligation and its relevance in time

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take a look around, observe yourself, the level of convenience we have right now is incomparable to anything that has ever been before. online shopping, amazon, spotify, instagram, everything and everyone just a couple of clicks away. it has never been this efficient before. we feel obliged to do what the machine says, what they say, what the society says, but is it really an obligation?

it wouldn’t be going too far to even say that such things that come with a glowing halo around us are possible and probable distractions. add to that, our ever thinning scope of perspective, we are too easily influenced.

the surreality of being busy and having things to do is astonishing, and the fact that we are so diluted in learning and coupling with things that lay almost no importance to what we are supposed to do is a bewilderment.

things around you can force it. you change significantly just for a subconscious validation, and a rage to feel accepted. you don’t realise but you make changes that nurture your relevance and sense of belonging; essentially guaranteeing you a false sense of security. it is very easy, even obvious to flow with how your subconscious reacts.

you feel as if it is crucial, that you have to be this person, that you have to do it, but maybe you don’t. all this while you have been trying to blend in, letting your empathy take over and arrange yourself for others. it has been an exercise of change in vain altogether.

the company a man keeps and the things he surrounds himself by, are far too critical to be taken for granted.

you may believe that you are in control, you may persist your behaviour as a necessity, but it is not. you are just diluted by the idea of having a place to belong. sense of belonging shouldn’t arise from validation, it should not be virtue of relevance or social privilege, you belong right where you are. you are enough. other people and things are merely candies and rewards that you should, without guilt , enjoy and reserve. but having people and things to feel normal is paradoxical.

making changes to how you do things with respect to your surroundings can plan an irreversible assault. sometimes when you realise you have changed is when it is too late. when you may need an iron will to justify and proclaim your new true belief. it is not impossible but very difficult.

start today; by making tiny changes to your behaviour. once you see that something is working against you, you change it. make sure it benefits and pushes you ahead in your path. at some time in your life, you have to make this decision, and such a tiny shift in perspective marks a significant potential to who you could be.

it is not what you see right now, it is not what you believe in today, neither what surrounds you, but what is going to come. what lays ahead. the realisation that every choice you make holds a potential to change your life is a moment of epiphany for some. while some realise it early and others take their time, but it is never too late. never too late to not do anything. what matters is that you start as soon as you realise. age and value holds no relevance in the grander scheme of things. so if you want to do something, do it for yourself, do it now and remember the bigger picture.

go ahead, lock yourself in a room to work on what you have been planning since ages. make a plan and stick to it. get it to a closure. be open to change, but be aware. meditate, eat good food, run, trek, travel, live, but do what you have to do! don’t let the distractions get to you.

the world is designed to turn you in a consumer. everything at the window stores, supermarket shelves is intrinsically designed to get into your head. your favourite brand of dish soap, your favourite team, your favourite song, your choice of alcohol, your preference in the branding of your clothes, the latest trend on instagram, the newest thing in town – everything wants to conquer you and make you click the buy button again as soon as possible and as many times as ‘ethical’.

rise above it, and see what is important; see what truly holds value, and if you see an anomaly, change it!

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