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the practice of the art

photo of multicolored abstract painting

it resolves down to everything that influences you along your way. it is a culmination of all the little details you have subconsciously held onto; are in a way a part of your character. and an instrument is the materialisation of an identity. more than a mere conscious or aware sense of being, but a deeper recollection of nuances.

an instrument is as important as the person involved.

it is not merely a matter of months or a few years that you see the definite architecture of your artisan, but it is extremely slow yet a dominant change. you can become better at certain skills, for sure, if you put in the hours with focussed practice. but in order to evolve into a reflective form of the expression of your art form, you have to be patient, and resilient to what you choose.

who you would be or what you could be is not for you to worry about. all you have to do is listen to what your heart says, what you believe from your soul. even if you start as a guitarist, it is not definite that you would end as one. you could find more intimate attraction towards some different instrument or an art form altogether. you cannot control that and you shouldn’t.

i don’t mean to infer that having goals and ambitions as an artist is redundant, but closing yourself to further influence and other practices is a deadly sin. being particular and defensive about your opinions doesn’t make you right and the other person wrong.

for true manifestation of the artist within you, it asks for more than a couple of hours of practice each day. practice is just a part of the ordeal. if you don’t study and learn from the masters and other people all along your journey, you are already stalled at a dead end.

this applies to creators, writers, artists, and not technicians. to write a truly great song is a miracle, to keep writing great songs is a result of a life spend practicing an appreciation of the art and a constant struggle to dig deep.

to close this essay is blasphemy. a life guided by the practice of an art form is sacred, pious and wholesome. to summarise this hearth in an essay feels like an anomaly. it will take you years, decades even to master a skill. learning and aspiration to express, to know will take you there. and when the points and goals and ambitions disappear, the absolute expression oozes out in profusion.

listen to the right music, expose yourself to good literature, do not, never let the choice be made for you, even if you have a hundred excuses to justify. you don’t have to listen to what everybody is listening. trying to be relevant is a false and vague approach. dig deep into your music influences, know what their influences are, listen to them. and let this process take you to your true artistic freedom.

happy learning, my brothers and sisters.

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