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the pseudo grand

interior of palace hall with columns and stucco work

grand – it feels like the quintessential parameter in the twenty first century. every child, adult on the planet is innately well conversed with the concept of doing big things, and making your mark. it is intrinsic, instinctual even. nothing wrong or plethoric about it, rather it has pushed us into the extraordinary sustenance and survival as a species.

inspiration and motivation are two related factors that have laid much of the framework we live by right now. super smart technology, incredible locomotion, obscure devices, fiscally managed health and the vast awareness about us, it was not possible ever before. but we live in the best time if we generalise the survival of any species on this planet.

however, there is a true and an undeniable evidence that we have taken it too literally. translated across all contexts of life, the grandeur is more material and quantifiable today. it feels real, actually the idea of real, when we have a measure to allocate it a number and our corresponding level in the success realm. no car is a car unless it is a grand luxurious suv. clothes below a certain brand are a taboo, unbranded items invoke extreme social prejudice. this literal materialisation of a concept so inherently spiritual is as surprising as it is disturbing.

we have exhausted our health and resources in search of the holy grail of things and labels. this lunacy is rather celebrated. it doesn’t break my heart but brings with itself a tremendous grief and remorse, that what could have been and what it is.

a bigger car, expensive clothes, latest smart phones, classy dinners, hip exotic cafes, etc don’t bring us joy, they come with the idea of happiness. to be able to see the visual falsehood a lot of accessories and instruments come with should be a part of education. the novelty doesn’t take long to fade. you work hard, tirelessly for the aim of buying the latest iPhone, which when you do, fails to bring the promised satisfaction and in fact widens the void of nothingness inside us.

we escape. humans are great at avoiding conflict. and this conflict of contending desire and a subliminal satisfaction pushes you to extract more, culminate more and ask for more. you work even harder, push yourself to your limits and beyond what you can take to be able to afford the vacation everyone has been frantic about on social media. and when you reach, you don’t feel the change, the superficiality fades away, the alcohol and drugs seep in, you get more involved with clicking pictures with your super expensive, avant grande cellphone, you rant about the peace and tranquility on social media and despite enjoying the privileges and rewards, you still feel the same – broken, torn and empty.

grandeur in material things is a stupid aim to have. think about it. there is always going to be an upgrade, but you as a human, an an individual, as a thinking, fully functional unit of our species are enough as you are. you don’t need what they say you do. you don’t have to buy what people are buying. you don’t have to listen to what everybody’s listening. being socially relevant should never account for your freedom. you are free as you are.

this essay is a reminder to declutter your mind of what it has been fed. what you have been told. life is a celebration, but it is the culmination of un-learning all that you have been taught. it is about bringing back the child you lost in the way. it is about finding yourself as a pure, individual but collective soul.

think before you go make the next purchase.

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