Empathy is the Soul of Humanity

Empathy is the soul of humanity. It empties itself out in grace and servitude. It is what holds us together, what binds us to the same truth; it is the essence of humanity, a gift from nature.

Photo by Sarah Dorweiler on Unsplash

Not being able to see another human as an equal is an absolute failure of the consciousness. Even in the context of metaphysics, mysticism or mythology, this inability is the root of all evil. And we are losing it. One person at a time. One day at a time.

The streak of such abhorrent modernisation, regardless of its verses or vices, has only aggravated the situation. It shouldn’t be left to addressing blames though. Certain traditions do change with time, but certain other customs remain intact. The collective consciousness of our species is bound together by unspoken emotions and virtues; empathy epitomises itself here.

Curiosity and the urge to know are instinctual, we are designed this way. We serve our purpose by trying to know. This quest for knowledge has erratically spurred into a sudden urge to succeed. In a world where success implies money, it is too difficult to stay aware, let alone to rise above. And all of us are guilty of this mitigation of a casual human error.

If not money, then it is a thing, a way out, a vacation, an exploitation, but don’t we all come with vices? Like the blinders on a race horse, we turn what should be a part of the day into a complete autocratic system of routines. Routines driven by the ever non-sensical paradigm of seeking more, doing more, expecting more, being more. What more could you be other than being the absolute truest form of you. Meanwhile, people, we call friends, organise night out’s and announce weekends to escape the mutual congregation of fools, we call a business.

We fail to see what is blatantly apparent. Normalisation worsens this hyper sporadic idea of being together while the truth being that we are drifting (falling) apart. We fail to see our friends as people, people as equals, and equal as one. We fail to see ourselves in them. We fail to ask how they are. We fail to listen. With friends, you fail when you win.

It is alright if your flatmate is a little rusty, if that employee is clumsy, it is alright if somebody forgot to do their job. Try to understand. Put yourself in their shoes. Try to imagine their life with all their issues at home, at work, their personal crisis, loneliness, and you will find yourself. Satisfying your anger at the expense of a soul, Isn’t this cruel?

Be it your friends, partners, rickshawalas, autowalas, people working at restaurants, everybody, the whole human race, even the animals and plants, and trees and rivers and stones, be kind to all. It doesn’t take much, in fact gives more than you would ever ask for. It brings peace, clears the way for happiness to come and ensue itself. The life within you and around you starts to bloom. The stars shine for you, the rivers flow for you, the flowers bloom with you. What else could a person truly ask for?

Empathy is the soul of humanity and the only way out for a dimming idea of a utopia.


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