About Me

Portrait by Manik Sharma

Hey there, I am Saby Singh. You can call me Saby. I write, make music, art, and teach.

I am an “artist” based in Jammu and Kashmir, India. Having failed to make it as a commercial act, I almost drove myself crazy. After years of inexplicable agony, I came to realize that peace will only ensue if I experience freedom as a state of being.

This is my journey while I try to free myself, unlearn, and reclaim what I always knew was my truth.

Philosophical much?


A person who doesn’t feel he belongs. An observer. A traveller. Rational yet human, broken yet perfect, dark yet real. My blog is a story about this guy.

My morning starts with a long-ass dump on my 170 gsm A4 sheets. Basking in the winter sun and letting it all go. First drafts are critical. They are truer than all alterations. I post my essays, etc multiple times a week. You can read my musings here.


Teachers are treasures! All because of a few unconventional, erratic, eccentric lot of teachers, I became who I am today. A teacher is someone who can change your life, even when you feel there is nothing to change.

I share my passion for teaching and education at Indie 101. What started as a side project turned into a grand design for an intentional lifestyle. The person I become when I teach is someone I honor the most.

I teach arts and creativity – how to find the true artist self; how to design a vision; how to break free from convention; and how to realize your actual potential. Creativity can be learned but you need a teacher.

If you’d like to know more, you can mail me at indie101.academy@gmail.com


By night, I am a musician. I love writing songs on the acoustic guitar and using different sounds to build something extraordinary and unconventional. In 2020, I released my debut project Yahaan which was a concept album around mental health, existence, and identity.

In 2023, I intended to release one new song every week, and I failed gloriously!

Listen to my music on –

I love the moon, butterflies, ras-malai, winter sun, cold hazy mornings, silent nights, long walks in the woods, reading, long one-on-one conversations, and philosophy. Simple things in life are the grandest!


Instagram is my casual hangout. Come say Hi.

For inquiries, mail at thesabysingh@gmail.com

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Picture by Sanket Jain, 2023