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picture by Sanket Jain

saby is not a singer songwriter. he is a victim of terms and labels and groups.

his friend played him ‘i gave you all’ by mumford and sons and it changed the course of his life. caught in a romance between expression and the acceptance of a guitar, songs were more a consequence than an effort. with this relationship ever so strengthening, saby eventually landed in the realm of ‘professionalism’ and had to build a ‘career’ out of this.

it was a sad story until saby realised the joys of letting go and just being who you are.

he released his debut album ‘yahaan‘ finally in 2020. ‘yahaan’ is the culmination of 9 years of documentation of a life. he compiled a set of 9 songs and released the concept of what it means to look at your cognition.

‘yahaan’ was featured in Rolling Stone India’s 10 Best Indian Albums of 2020.

with the release of ‘yahaan’ came a closure to the acoustic guitar and saby’s experiments with it. the second album got him to remove the acoustic guitar and vocals completely and move on with synthesised and digital sounds. ‘ouroboros‘ was released to a secret audience in 2021.

saby is in the process of documentation again, he is travelling and being a meaningless, purposeless, defeated character who is so into the act and the awareness of it, that it might be the time for the third album.

meanwhile, saby is releasing a set of essays. you can read them here.

saby also tries to teach songwriting and how to find joy through art by his workshop named indie 101.

saby won the toto music award in 2020.