The Songbird

Voice is more than just a tool. It is an elaborate experience of expression. I started my voice training when I was seven. Trained in Indian and Western Classical Music, I realized that the voice holds the power for a substantial change in life.

The essence of the power lies in the two elements –

Technique and Expression

Technique is your relationship with the body. Being mindful and present is a demanded state of being. To know expression means a deeper understanding of the functional emotional self. ‘ras’ that ensues thereafter is the amalgamation of feel, delivery, and performance of the artist.

With The Songbird I aim to induce a practical, sustainable, and more meaningful voice teaching methodology that promises technical rewards and expressionist artistry.


The lesson plans are customized according to each individual. Fundamental exercises apart, I try to deliver a unique learning environment with enough space to go at your own pace.
I consider myself more as a consultant, and mentor rather than an academically driven orator.

Who is this for?

  1. If you’re above the age of 16 and need assistance with developing your voice.
  2. If you’ve ever had a long-lost dream to explore your voice.
  3. If you’re interested in public speaking, voice, and vocalizing, the Songbird is a brilliant starting point.
  4. If you’re a singer and want to discuss a different perspective.
  5. If you’re trying out new hobbies.


  1. Breathwork
  2. Technique
  3. Exercises
  4. Practice Journal
  5. Music Theory for Singers
  6. Hindustani Classical Music
  7. Western Classical Music
  8. Expression
  9. Originality
  10. Song Analysis, Preparation
  11. Performance


  • 5 sessions per month
  • one on one
  • 40-60 minutes each
  • flexible and schedule-friendly


5,000/- per month for 5 sessions.


Message me on WhatsApp to register, book a trial session, or in case you have any questions.