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Singing is an art form that requires a connection with both your mind and body. As your body is the instrument, maintaining its health is essential for becoming an exceptional and unique singer.

Expressing one’s voice is a delicate and intimate task. It requires the vocalist to cultivate a healthy relationship with their emotions and their complex expression.

In our vocal classes, we focus on two aspects: technique and expression.

Three major areas –

  1. Absolute Fundamentals – breath work, technique, power, modulations
  2. Exercises that promise significant results
  3. Using voice as a tool to express

IndiePitch by Saby Singh

Are you prepared for an exciting journey into the world of singing? At IndiePitch, we believe everyone has the potential to excel in singing. We’re here to guide you through the exhilarating process of discovering and nurturing your unique vocal talents.

Why Choose IndiePitch for Vocal Training?

  1. One on One Sessions: We believe that groups tend to limit learning. We never take group sessions. All our sessions are personalised and curated for the individual needs of the student.
  2. Nurturing Environment: Our welcoming and supportive atmosphere is tailored for comfort and confidence. We understand the courage it takes to start your vocal journey, and our instructor creates a nurturing space where you can build confidence and explore your voice at your own pace.
  3. Expert Guidance: With two decades of experience, Saby Singh is trained in both Hindustani and Western Classical music. He has performed in intimate settings, grand festivals, and studios across the country. Mr. Singh is recognised as one of the few original voices in the country’s independent music scene.
  4. Customised Curriculum: We recognise that every person has unique goals and challenges. Our curriculum is carefully crafted to address the specific needs of novice vocalists, covering essential yet customised vocal exercises, breath control, pitch accuracy, and more.
  5. Build a Strong Foundation: Lay the groundwork for a lifetime of musical enjoyment. Our focus on fundamental techniques ensures that you develop a solid foundation, setting the stage for future vocal growth and exploration.
  6. Vocal Health, Management and Injuries: Vocal folds are a delicate set of muscles that can easily be damaged if not handled with care. This is a major concern in our vocal classes. We aim to ensure that students never risk vocal damage and we prepare them for maintaining healthy vocal health.
  7. Flexible Schedules: At Indie Pitch, we give you the freedom to choose the day and time for your sessions. As it is a busy world, we understand everyone has certain limitations with time.

What to Expect as a Beginner Vocal Student:

  • Vocal Warm-Ups and Exercises: Begin each session with tailored warm-ups and vocal exercises that strengthen your voice and improve your vocal range.
  • Song Exploration: Dive into singing your favourite songs while learning essential techniques. Discover how to express yourself through music.
  • Performance Opportunities: As you gain confidence, you’ll have the chance to showcase your progress in a supportive environment through recitals and performance opportunities.
  • Individualised Feedback: Receive constructive feedback from your instructor, helping you understand your strengths and areas for improvement.

What is expected from you:

  • Patience: The voice is a delicate instrument. To develop its strength and versatility, patience is necessary. Work with exercises daily to gradually enhance it.
  • Consistency: Consistency in exercises is critical for exceptional results.

Ready for IndiePitch?

If you’ve ever dreamed of singing with proper technique, confidence and expression, now is the perfect time to start. Unleash Your Voice is here to guide you on your journey, providing the expertise and encouragement you need to turn your musical aspirations into reality.

Join us today and let the music begin!

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How to Enrol:

Schedule a Trial Lesson:
Contact us to schedule a trial lesson for 299/-. This is an opportunity for you to meet your instructor, discuss your goals, and experience the teaching style firsthand.


We are offering a discount of 30% for the first two sign ups.

5,000/- 3,500/- per month

5 sessions per month.