On Self

  1. learn to manage your expectations
  2. no matter how hard you try, you will never be perfect
  3. you can only save yourself
  4. adversity maketh a man
  5. there is no enemy but only you yourself
  6. i am alone and that is a relief
  7. i am neither superior nor inferior to a tree
  8. don’t let the kid inside of you die
  9. i don’t own my body
  10. vulnerability is courage
  11. honesty is the best policy
  12. patience is the key

On Gender

  1. god is a woman
  2. mother is a blessing
  3. the female body is the epitome of beauty
  4. men are loved conditionally

On Love

  1. kind people are often broken hearted
  2. a broken heart cannot be mended
  3. stop pursuing lost love
  4. intimacy is better than sex

On People

  1. we are all travellers, some of us are prisoners
  2. you cannot control people
  3. no matter how hard you try, you cannot save anyone
  4. society is a lie, but it is a necessary lie
  5. you can do it alone, but sometimes you will need other people
  6. a person shouldn’t be defined by her beauty, body, money, authority, virtues or vices
  7. eyes don’t lie

On Art

  1. The true artist is free
  2. music is a highly personal affair
  3. books are your best friends
  4. silence has a sound and it is the most joyous of all music
  5. creativity cannot be learned, but it can be taught

On Life

  1. whatever happens, happens for the good
  2. life is the most addictive of drugs


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