A Bright Sunny Winter Afternoon

Sometimes it feels I’m complete
Like a dry leaf on barren autumn ground
Sometimes I feel I’m all
Like a brittle dead rose buried in the ground

No home to go to
No place to call my own
Yet so everything everywhere at once
A bright sunny winter afternoon

At times I feel I’m lost
A mountain spring carving out a way
Do I flow or is it surrender
At times I feel I’m home

Tame as the wild hidden beast
I lurk, I am the shadow
Grace, grand and gratitude
At times I feel I’m the fall

A foggy morning of the frozen night
In mirrors of looming condensation
I look, I see, I discover
At times I feel I’m the reflection
I’m the reflection it seems

To explore feels grotesque
A crime of the highest order
Some sins sometimes are necessary
At times I feel I’m beyond

At times it makes no sense
All attempts of redemption all vain
Dejected desolate a college dropout
At times it makes me insane

True is this duality
This dialogue of intervention is faith
What am I if not a thought
An idea intertwined with rage

At times this dilemma is too real
Too much, sugar, spice and salt
At times I need to give up
A dumb bold boulder
At times I do stand in my way

Much of time is anticipation
A desert rain and wait
Longing for an absolute
The delicacies of God
Sure, I understand
I reflect and I implode
Eventual it is, written in stone
At times I feel I should be alone

Make way for a deposit
The rivers never run alone
Time is still an idea
Absurd, profound, insane
At times I’m mostly here
But when I’m not
Where do I go?


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