Finding Light at the End of the Tunnel – The Story of “Manzar”
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“Manzar” is a song about finding light at the end of the tunnel. It tries to capture the haze that follows the sudden influx of brightness, and the astonishment at encountering joy after an eternity of despair.

When one has been entrenched in sadness for so long, all glimpses of happiness feel unfamiliar and unattainable. As we humans are inherently resistant to change, it is natural to harbour feelings of despair and desolation when sadness is the norm.

Yet, despite this resistance, life operates in phases – each phase with its ups and downs. Clinging to a fixed identity is illusory, and redundant; instead, flexibility is the key. It took me a while to realise that all attempts to define myself are like a trap; you get stuck in a loop – once you grasp who you are, it becomes stifling and you risk losing everything.

The antidote, as Bruce Lee famously said, is to be like water – adaptable and fluid.

Understanding that change is inevitable is crucial. Clinging to beliefs only prolongs suffering. It begins with acceptance, just as denying an illness doesn’t make it vanish, resisting change only exacerbates the situation. Only by acknowledging and accepting our circumstances can we seek solutions and chart a part forward.

der lagi samajhne mei.n ke dil toota sahi
behne lagi barso.n se dabi dil ki wo baatei.n

{ took me so long to accept my broken heart
now expression is flow and no secrets anymore

“Manzar” defines the moment of realising happiness amidst the unfamiliar – a pivotal event not to be dismissed but rather approached with curiosity and openness.


der lagi samajhne mei.n ke dil toota sahi
behne lagi barso.n se dabi dik ki wo baatei.n

sarmai si thi kaisi bafanaa lipti kaalikhei.n
khaas hui musalsal izterab ki wo lehrei.n

firdausa hai faila aaj kal tera ujaala
hairaa.n hoo.n hai mushkil hal hui kaise kya pata

manzar hairaa.n kare
aankho.n pe shaam dhale
masle tamaam hare
manzar hairaa.n kare

sarmai – bountiful
bafanaa – immortal
musalsal – repeating
izterab – anxiety
firdausa – paradise


took me so long to accept my broken heart
now expression is flow and no secrets anymore

draped in darkness of desolation and despair
now rare are those recurring waves of anxiety

your radiance brightens my days and life
my troubles now resolved, unexpected with ease

this scene leaves me in wonder
once again can I witness the evenings
all worries dissolve
this scene leaves me in wonder


The artwork is a fusion of two captivating photographs, both captured by Manashvi. The first depicts a striking portrait of myself, where the light in my eyes exudes a profound sense of vitality symbolising rebirth and renewal.

The second image portrays a hand, a potent embodiment of hope and the assurance of a brighter future filled with acceptance, tranquillity, and bliss. Much like a lover tenderly cradling their partner’s visage in their palm, the amalgamation of these two images serves as both a metaphorical and literal representation of the emergence of a new dawn – a promise of rejuvenation and the advent of a life imbued with promise.

In this poignant convergence, the interplay between light and shadow, between the gaze and the touch, evokes a profound sense of transformation. It speaks to the journey of resilience and growth, where the merging of these elements signifies the emergence from darkness into a realm imbued with hope and possibility. Through the delicate interweaving of imagery, the artwork encapsulates the essence of a profound metamorphosis – a testament to the power of embracing new beginnings and the promise of a life illuminated by the radiance of hope.


Written, performed, and produced by Saby Singh

Art by Manashvi


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