Algal Bloom – The Art of Dying

A dead fish floating in a sea of filth
Death of man shall be glorious

Saby Singh
Concept Video – Algal Bloom

I shouldn’t take what I read on the internet seriously. Regardless of the cliche and critique, sometimes it just makes absolute sense.

the day you just say fuck it, and let go of the person you have been pointlessly holding onto is the day your life gets whole lot better

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It has always been ridiculously uncomfortable to put myself in a box. Specialisation inherently feels a tragedy. I cannot pick. It is difficult, impossible even. The core of my existence is the virtue of randomness and spontaneity. Never did my long term plans work out, I guess I am too vulnerable. If I probe this feeling a little further, I arrive at sensitivity.

Maybe, I am too sensitive. But shouldn’t we all ideally be. Watching a poor kid walk bare feet in the biting cold of December breaks my heart too, and so does knowing my uber-privileged friends find it difficult to sleep at night. This longing to make a change is my muse.

However, to let go is difficult. Like tightly holding on to a slipping rope, it scathes the skin with itself, it corrodes my energy, my being and my presence with it. Just because I had a dream.

Dreams are important, critical, but society turns them into routines and conventional programs. They asked us, when we were kids what would we be. They should’ve asked about our dreams. I wanted to fly, like superman. Build a machine someday or be granted a magical superpower some day. I was too reductive.

To my surprise, utter disbelief, the universe did present me with a superpower – an ability to feel! And nothing transcends the metamorphosis like music.

So today, this given moment, I am letting go of who I think I am, and opening myself to myself, the universe. I am getting out of my own way.

when all the desires of the heart are cast away, then the mortal becomes the immortal

Brihadaranyaka Upanishad (4.4.7)

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Algal Bloom

Pause and take a look around. What do you see? Development, innovation, revolution, transformation? I see an impeding doom.

Greed has gotten to the core of humanity. We have no regard for any other life force, we literally don’t give a crap about our mother – The Earth, and its beings. We see ourselves as the epitome of evolution, and eventually existence. We believe the planet exists to serve us. We fail to look at ourselves as a part of it. We fail to accept our humble, feeble existence.

We need clean air to breathe, organic and natural food to eat, safe water to drink, a playground of dirt to play in, trees as friends; but all we ever want is an upgrade. Studio apartment to a villa, a mid-tier smartphone to the iteration of the iPhone, 8 lane highways, industries for easy, fast fashion; the list is endless and as bizarre as snow crystals.

Algal Bloom is a eulogy for humankind.

George Carlin says it best – The planet is going to stay, it is we who will leave.

We fail to recognise true from the false.

Dante defines seven deadly sins as perverse or corrupt versions of love; lust, gluttony, and greed are all excessive or disordered love of good things; and wrath, envy, and pride are perverted love directed toward others’ harm; sloth is the deficiency of love.

 Dante Alighieri (c. 1264–1321)


Algal Bloom

A dead fish floating in a sea of filth is a figurative illustration of the human condition.

Post Script

Written, performed, produced and art by Saby Singh.

Algal Bloom was first released in 2020 to a secret audience, as part of the album Ouroboros.


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