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Bol Do – The Art of Expression

Expression shouldn’t be a subject of convention and confirmation. It could be abstract yet minimal, complicated yet simple.

Bol Do is a song that celebrates expression both figuratively and metaphorically.

My Seven Days of Peace

Only the disciplined ones in life are free. If you are undisciplined, you are a slave to your moods and your passions.

– Eliud Kipchoge.

An Artist’s Response to a New Year’s Greeting

  • Essay

My phone blimps with another new year’s greeting. I cringe at the poor, distasteful WhatsApp graphics, but the serenity of human emotions has me lathered up in warmth. Watching the screen fade back to black, I contemplate a meaningful response.


  • Blog

Every year, I write down a list of concepts and things I realised and what lessons did I learn, this year was the most blessed!

Naam – The Act of Forgetting

Sometimes it is very hard to forget someone. The more you try, the deeper it seeps into your mind. You find the name everywhere, as if the universe wants you to never forget the person.

Naam is a song about such moments.

Empathy is the Soul of Humanity

Empathy is the soul of humanity. It empties itself out in grace and servitude. It is what holds us together, what binds us to the same truth; it is the essence of humanity, a gift from nature.