singer-songwriter, producer
writer, educator

i write about identity, existence and mental health
i teach creativity

!!! “Manzar” out now !!!

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Manzar – Saby Singh || Live at The Homecoming Sessions

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Finding Light at the End of the Tunnel – The Story of “Manzar”

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Saby Singh Live in Delhi
Summer House, Hauz Khas
22 May | Wednesday | 9 pm

Indiemehfil Presents
The Songwriter’s Workshop
with Saby Singh

First offline in-person songwriting Workshop in Noida, Delhi!

  • Depot48 Presents Saby Singh & Rachanachar

    Me and Rachanachar really bonded in Bir. I got to know the joys of spending time and talking to a fellow musician, connecting on a spiritual scale of divine magnitude. Imagine our love for the music and expression made us form a three piece project with the insanely talented Rahul on percussions. It was a […]

    Depot48 Presents Saby Singh & Rachanachar
  • Saazishein – A Concept Film by Wikki Koul

    I’ve always dreamt of working with the incredible talent Wikki KoulHis nuance in story telling feels truly authentic; the raw, sometimes gloomy yet transcendental visuals have always inspired me. It has been a dream to get an opportunity to work with my brother and an inspiration! After years of talking and sharing ideas, we have finally […]

    Saazishein – A Concept Film by Wikki Koul
  • Watch Your Language

    Language is a powerful tool that can either bring people closer or push them away. The words we use have a significant impact on how we communicate and how we are perceived by others. Using foul language may seem like an easy way to communicate our thoughts and emotions, but it compromises the nuance of our emotions and leaves us with a superficial connection with others.

    Watch Your Language
  • Kaash – An Easy Life

    Taking a walk through the woods, I stop to touch a tree. My hot burning palms need soothing. They long for a real touch, something that brings my body back to the ground. Humans, you ask, well, i gave up on them a long time ago. Not because I know how people are, but I know how I am.

    Kaash – An Easy Life
  • An Act of Self Love – Tere Bina

    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And to justify love is to fall in love with yourself first.

    An Act of Self Love – Tere Bina
  • Yaad Hai – An Act of Remembrance

    The act of remembrance after all is lost is an act of true love. Not extrinsic, but something that takes me closer to a God, myself!

    Yaad Hai – An Act of Remembrance
  • January 2023

    What a month has January been! I managed to release five projects! Usually I take it easy, but this year I am pushing it beyond myself. I am happy to report that I managed to keep my promise of one song per week. Let’s see how February goes!

    January 2023
  • Living in a Box – Enter Sneham

    I wish I could live in a box. But it feels like a sin, a violation of some inner divine presence.

    Living in a Box – Enter Sneham
  • Algal Bloom – The Art of Dying

    the day you just say fuck it, and let go of the person you have been pointlessly holding onto is the day your life gets whole lot better

    Algal Bloom – The Art of Dying

Multiple attempts to make it as a commercial act, I almost drove myself crazy. After years of inexplicable agony, I came to realise that peace will only ensue if I experience freedom as an artist first.

This is my journey while I try to free myself, unlearn and reclaim what I always knew was my truth.

Hello, my name is Saby and I am a singer, songwriter, a wannabe writer, an imposter of a photographer, a brilliant educator ( ◐ω◑ ) and a terribly weird human being.

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“i love everything that i love you” – unknown