singer-songwriter, producer
writer, educator

i write about identity, existence and mental health
i teach creativity

!!! “Manzar” out now !!!

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Manzar – Saby Singh || Live at The Homecoming Sessions

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Finding Light at the End of the Tunnel – The Story of “Manzar”

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Saby Singh Live in Delhi
Summer House, Hauz Khas
22 May | Wednesday | 9 pm

Indiemehfil Presents
The Songwriter’s Workshop
with Saby Singh

First offline in-person songwriting Workshop in Noida, Delhi!

  • Finding Light at the End of the Tunnel – The Story of “Manzar”

    “Manzar” encapsulates the moment of realising happiness amidst the unfamiliar—a pivotal event not to be dismissed, but rather approached with curiosity, offering a chance for deeper understanding and growth.

    Finding Light at the End of the Tunnel – The Story of “Manzar”
  • My Days in Palampur as a Fanatic Photographer

    My problem here is that I am not a photographer, I am a musician, and I am dulling the boundaries between what is allowed and for how far, and I am obsessed. The beliefs that make me who I am are being challenged like never before. It is far more about this moment, not so much about what will I eventually end up doing. This moment, when I discover another universe, a layer is added to my illusions (actually a layer is peeled off).

    My Days in Palampur as a Fanatic Photographer
  • A Bright Sunny Winter Afternoon

    Sometimes it feels I’m completeLike a dry leaf on barren autumn groundSometimes I feel I’m allLike a brittle dead rose buried in the ground No home to go toNo place to call my ownYet so everything everywhere at onceA bright sunny winter afternoon At times I feel I’m lostA mountain spring carving out a wayDo […]

    A Bright Sunny Winter Afternoon
  • Love Shall Set You Free

    The difference between romantic love, true love, love for nature, pets, for the family is all a mere distraction. Mostly, it is a dirty attempt to sell a thing. Did you get your lover a teddy this week? Or chocolates? What did you get your mother for Mother’s Day?

    Love Shall Set You Free
  • Pink Moon Walked Up To Me

    Summers don’t seem to bother when you are young. In scorching heat, you walk barefoot to see your lover. The rebel in you is awake. On a similar day, an eternity from today, in torn-out Converse, dirty blue jeans, and a worn-out Pink Floyd tee, I walk under the shades of the neatly planted Eucalyptus […]

    Pink Moon Walked Up To Me
  • A City Desolate

    I have very vivid dreams and nightmares, and my biggest fear is of some kind of dystopian future where we’re advanced in every way except in our humanity. Bryce Dallas Howard One day, I am being caressed by the soft mountain winds, remedied by the oblique Himalayan sunburns, my dry, arid body rejuvenated by the […]

    A City Desolate
  • Winter Wonderland

    The arid desert just took a bath. The cold, wet, winter steam is a sign of new life. The Earth is celebrating, the birds are happy, the trees are awake, and the barren ground thirst is quenched. The winter wonderland is dancing today.

    Winter Wonderland
  • I am a Bird

    Everything in monotone, dances of browns and dirt, Palampur started to feel like a dear deserted ocean. The grace of this winter oasis is undeniably late. It has not rained here in ages. I slept under a fragile drizzle, and today I woke up to its blissful grace. It rained today. The dull, soft winter […]

    I am a Bird
  • Haalaat – A Personal Inquiry

    In 2020, while on a four month trip to Kerala, Haalaat came to me. The warm and authentic hospitality of people I met was substantial, and I am indeed a very sensitive man. Experiences move me. A lot! “How are you?” a frequent question, whenever asked, was projected with such true intentions that I would […]

    Haalaat – A Personal Inquiry

Multiple attempts to make it as a commercial act, I almost drove myself crazy. After years of inexplicable agony, I came to realise that peace will only ensue if I experience freedom as an artist first.

This is my journey while I try to free myself, unlearn and reclaim what I always knew was my truth.

Hello, my name is Saby and I am a singer, songwriter, a wannabe writer, an imposter of a photographer, a brilliant educator ( ◐ω◑ ) and a terribly weird human being.

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“i love everything that i love you” – unknown