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Watch Your Language

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Language is a powerful tool that can either bring people closer or push them away. The words we use have a significant impact on how we communicate and how we are perceived by others. Using foul language may seem like an easy way to communicate our thoughts and emotions, but it compromises the nuance of our emotions and leaves us with a superficial connection with others.

Kaash – An Easy Life

Taking a walk through the woods, I stop to touch a tree. My hot burning palms need soothing. They long for a real touch, something that brings my body back to the ground. Humans, you ask, well, i gave up on them a long time ago. Not because I know how people are, but I know how I am.

January 2023

What a month has January been! I managed to release five projects! Usually I take it easy, but this year I am pushing it beyond myself.
I am happy to report that I managed to keep my promise of one song per week. Let’s see how February goes!

Algal Bloom – The Art of Dying

the day you just say fuck it, and let go of the person you have been pointlessly holding onto is the day your life gets whole lot better